All of the evidence we have reading, monitoring and learning from on a daily basis is listed here with links.  We will endeavour to ensure it is be updated as regularly as possible.

We hope this helps you in these uncertain times, where we can contribute a net benefit to those in our communities and ultimately create some relief for the NHS as long term solutions are developed.

  • Smart Air - March 2020 - Myth Busting Through Open Data - More Information on research carried out by Paddy Robertson CEO of Smart Air, he shared on his live facebook video.  Confirming the benefits of both medical PPE and how to treat fabric items to ensure it is decontaminated.  Essentially the virus they believe does not live longer than 4 hours, so leave your mask overnight in a dry out of the way place.  When washing clothes, just used water and dry for 20 hours.

  • Dr Gale Skousen - March 2020